Hall Steps Foundation invests $50,000 in microloans in East Africa, builds a well in Mozambique, donates to Kiva


We are excited to have made our next round of grants!  While we (Ryan and Sara) were in East Africa last summer, one of the biggest areas of need we saw was giving people a head start to work and get themselves out of poverty.  We saw a lot of people that had a desire to work, there is just a lack of opportunity often and start-up funds to begin a business.  We love what Kiva is doing all over the world, partnering with local NGOs to provide loans for those in need to star their own businesses.  What is amazing is that there is a 98.97% repayment rate, and you can then reinvest the funds that are repaid into another person to help give their business a start!  Steps has invested $50,000 in microlending for East Africa, and made a $5,000 donation to Kiva to keep loans going.



We have funded another clean water project in Mozambique, donating $10,000 to Iris Ministries!  It’s amazing to think that this amount can change the lives in an entire community, extending the life expectancy, preventing illness, allowing young children to be able to attend school, and many other ramifications.

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