Steps’ Kenyan Hospital

As part of our “26.2 Challenge,” STEPS donated over $33,0000 to build
a new hospital in Kenya’s Rift Valley in the home village of Wesley
Korir, an elite runner and dear friend of STEPS.

The hospital was built in memory of Wesley’s brother, who died of a
snakebite when they were youth, something that would have been easily
prevented had their been basic medical care nearby. This area of the
Rift Valley is also where many of the elite runners that Ryan races
against on an ongoing basis originate from. The construction is going
on well and though it is not yet completed, they have opened their
doors and it is already operational! Recently, the government health
inspector approved the facility, and we are excited to hear about the
ways that lives are already being changed as a result of runners who
took the challenge!

We are committed to continuing to support the hospital until it’s
completion.  To donate towards this project, click here.