Ryan and Sara visit the Steps Kenya Hospital

As soon as Ryan and Sara set foot on Kenyan soil they headed out to the Kitale region of the Rift Valley to see firsthand the hospital supported by many of you!  They were greeted by over 200 villagers gathered singing songs of welcome and thanks to them for bringing the hospital to their village.  Ryan and Sara greeted the villagers and made sure to tell them that it was not just the Halls, but there was a group of runners that cared enough about their health to donate and raise funds for this hospital!  They all cheered and were very thankful.

Ryan and Sara found it very encouraging to talk with the 4 full-time nurses and doctors working there (whom are also funded by Steps!) and hear their reports of how the hospital is treating people daily for ailments such as malaria, malnutrition, typhoid, HIV/AIDS, and monitoring infant health.

. Posted by Steps Foundation.