Hall Foundation Funding A Well and A Medical Clinic In Mozambique

We are excited to announce the contribution of $56,000 to IRIS Ministries in Mozambique. Thanks to all of you for contributing and making the funding of a water well and the construction and completion of the new medical clinic at the Pemba base in Mozambique possible!

Well Drilling

Many villages across the world do not have a clean water supply, and people are sick and dying as a result.  When people are thirsty and starving, the best thing we can do is offer a cold drink of water. The IRIS  well-drilling program is moving ahead rapidly making a tremendous difference in the quality of life of many villages. IRIS is one of the few organizations that has the equipment and government permission to drill wells throughout Mozambique. Nearly a billion people have no access to clean water. When they drink dirty water it makes them sick. When a well is drilled and installed, children return to school, businesses begin, and the men begin to work again from not being sick. Water brings health to the food supply chain. This breaks the poverty cycle.

  • Nearly 1 billion people don’t have safe water to drink.
  • A child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of clean water.
  • 115 people die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water.
  • 1 in 5 children who die before age 5 worldwide, die of a water related disease.
  • Children often walk miles every day to collect dirty water to drink.
  • Water related illness kills more people each year than wars and conflict.
  • It costs approximately $6,000 to drill a well.

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Health Clinics

In Pemba, there is a free health clinic that offers medical attention averaging 50 patients a day with a limited small staff. In three months, 3300 patients have been seen with 33% of them children under five. Babies and mothers are assessed twice a month and given powdered milk formula. The clinic covers basic medical attention mainly focusing on public health issues ranging from nutrition and hygiene, to infant care and abstinence. Medications are distributed as needed. As IRIS has seen growth, the need for a larger facility has grown and the groundwork of the new medical clinic in Pemba has begun. Monday through Friday, the clinic strives to meet the needs of the local community with free services. In developing countries, 80% of medical illnesses are related to water and sanitation issues. We see a huge opportunity to help IRIS meet their goals and provide a safe medical environment that impacts many in the region and educates for a better future.

While the cost is high to build a new clinic, it far outweighs its reach into the future and the impact on the local community. The Hall Foundation is committed and excited to help fund these two ongoing projects in Mozambique!



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