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We are so excited to carry this book. People may or may not know that in Running With Joy Ryan Hall takes readers through every single run and workout from Saturday January 9 to the 2010 Boston Marathon on Monday April 19. You get to hear about his Marathon Pace Tempo Runs, his Mile Repeats, his uphill/downhill runs to get ready specifically for the Boston course and more. You also get a look into the mindset of a professional athlete as Ryan is not afraid to put down when his thoughts turn negative after a bad workout and how he turns those thoughts around…often through his faith. In our opinion this book is perfect for anyone (of any level) that is, or wants to be, a marathoner. You can take a lot from Ryan’s training and apply it to yourself (his training is much simpler than you might imagine- just a lot faster!). It’s also an absolute must-have for any Ryan Hall fan. You’ll never get a more inside-look into Ryan’s daily life. Finally, every single copy is signed by Ryan!!

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Praise for Running With Joy:

“The fastest American-born marathoner of all time offers an inside track on the day-to-day life of a runner, a life unglamorous and yet inspiring…a steady pace for a powerful finish.”

“You don’t have to be a runner to appreciate Ryan Hall’s inspiring professional career log, Running with Joy. Anyone who enjoys reading about the trials and triumphs of a person reaching a lifelong goal will find Hall’s narrative both entertaining and enlightening.”

“I truly enjoyed reading Ryan Hall’s account of his quest to reach the top level of international sports most competitive event—the Marathon! Ryan’s goal of competitive athletic excellence at the 114th Boston marathon was reached…but the getting there is the story so few understand. That, and Ryan’s unique ability to aim high while exemplifying the best of American athletics, what it means to be a giving person, and a spiritual person, is truly special and his story worth reading by anyone who values these qualities.”
—Bill Rodgers, Multiple World Marathon Champion

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