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Ryan Hall Teaches You How to Make the Perfect Cup of Pre-Run Coffee

One of Ryan’s passions is the science of making really good coffee.  In this video, he describes selecting the beans, the proper measurements of water and grounds, and technique to making quality coffee at home.  And, in the end, he blends it with butter, his and Sara’s new pre-run addiction!

Hall Steps Foundation Completes Maternity Clinic in Rural Senegal

After visiting Pout, Senegal where Sara’s brother-in-law, Sidiya, is from, and in the country where her sister does malaria research, Sara and Ryan worked with them to redo the maternity ward at a local health clinic that was in a very scary state.  In a country where maternal mortality is 1 in every 54 mothers, and infant mortality is 54%, the need was very clear.  Sara is excited to see it when she travels to Senegal this July!

The maternity ward before (left) and after (right).

The maternity ward before (left) and after (right).