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Pemba Hospital Pictures

We recently received these photos from the hospital in Pemba, Mozambique!  The Steps Foundation contributed $50,000 towards this project in 2012. It is very exciting to see progress being made and know that the hospital is that much closer to … Continue reading

East African Summer Part III: Kenya

Ryan and I had intended to make the pilgrimage to Iten, Kenya last February, however, Ryan’s torn quad thwarted our plans.  Fortunately this time we both made it, meeting up in the Nairobi airport and seeing each other for the … Continue reading

East African Summer Part II: Ethiopia

Even before my plane landed in Addis Ababa, I had fallen in love with Ethiopia after reading about this beautiful and fascinating country through the eyes of Melissa Fay Greene in her novel There is No Me Without You.  Being in … Continue reading

East African Summer Part I: Uganda

Fresh from time off for my glute injury and running pain free again (though out of shape), rather than heading off to Moscow or Europe for track racing I decided to spend the summer in East Africa.  There I would … Continue reading